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Garden Zones

Its so easy just locate your zone on the map and. Usda plant hardiness zone maps for planting zones in different regions of the united states. Usda Plant Hardiness Zone Map Welcome to the famous daves garden website.Garden zones. Learn how to start your own home garden with our gardening experts tips and tutorials. The zone refers to the us. Then refer to our temperate zone planting guide. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens along with seeds and plants. Home companion plants herb companions vegetable companions cooperative extensions gardening articles garden calendar zones 3 4 garden calendar zones 5 6 garden calendar. Usda plant hardiness zone maps last frost date maps and metric conversion tables. Hardiness zones are defined by the average climatic conditions of the region. This chart is prepared mainly as a schedule and guide for planting your garden in zones 5 6. What produce will grow in your garden this winter. Depart…