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Garden Fracture Col

Fracture hip fracture. This fracture often disrupt the blood supply to the femoral head. File Fracture Du Col Du Femur Jpg Wikimedia Commons Fracture en coxa valga.Garden fracture col. Une fracture garden. On classifie les fractures du col du femur selon la classification de garden 4. Garden classification of hip fractures. Apres fracture du col femoral correspond. Femur neck femur neck. The garden classification is a system of categorizing intracapsular hip fractures of the femoral neck. The role of preoperative bone scan for determining the treatment method for. For low grade fractures garden types 1 and 2. The angle formed by extending the fracture line upwards to meet an imaginary horizontal line drawn through the. Fracture engrenee en valgus. Fracture en coxa vara sans gros deplacement. Medial group of femoral neck trabeculae may demonstrate a greenstick fracture. Femoral neck fractures pauwels classification. For patients under 60 years of …