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Decorating Long Narrow Family Room

My design rule is walls are for art and tables and shelves are for family photos. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Need Help Decorating My Long Narrow Family Room Make the most of a small and narrow study room by incorporating open shelves and wall mounted desks.Decorating long narrow family room. No one wants to make decorating mistakes but they happen to all of us. When you are decorating with area rugs you can get almost any look or feel you want for your home. The long narrow worktable is spacious. I have personal photography in my living room but they are on shelves or. Tools and spools in a row a clear acrylic peg board keeps supplies handy and surfaces clear while fading into the background. If youve just started thinking about decorating your house and first on the list is your living room you might be overwhelmed with putting all the pieces together. Theres plenty of space here for everything including a cozy. Read this list to avoid the 20 most common…