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Bath Salts Zombie

While police sources speculated that the use of a street drug like bath salts might have been a factor. Synthetic cathinones more commonly known as bath salts are human made stimulants chemically related to cathinone a substance found.

Bath Salts Linked To The Cannibal Zombie Attack Youtube

What are synthetic cathinones.

Bath salts zombie. A naked man who chewed off the face of another man in what is being called a zombie like attack may have been under the influence of bath salts a drug. This video contains graphic images it has an innocent sounding name. Drug similar to the bath salts can cause excited delirium but probably.

In new york city potent strands of bath salts have surfaced and have attracted the most devoted bath salt junkies. Miami cannibal miami zombie. Zombie a hole 2012 horror.

Maybe youve heard people talking about bath salts but they have. News world americas flakka. Miami police investigating what could have possibly led a 31 year old to rip off his clothes and viciously gnaw at the face of another man on a busy highway in broad.

What is the zombie drug blamed for face eating attacks. Bath salts are detrimental to human health and can cause erratic behaviour. Shomi patwary yg addie x pretty flacko x flatbush zombies bring you bath salt produced by p on the boards off lord never worry now available.

In 2010 the american association of poison control centers received only about 300 reports relating to the usage of bath salts a man made substance available. Zombie attack and more recently incredible hulk are often used when.

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