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Covent Garden Xmas Lights

Christmas has arrived in covent garden. Find christmas lights in london for 2018 including info on when the sparkling lights and decorations will be switched on at regent street. Covent Garden Christmas Lights Christmas Visitlondon Com Lights and xmas.Covent garden xmas lights. See the enchanting christmas lights and decorations sparkling above the streets of covent garden. Covent garden at christmas incl. Smaller christmas trees are dotted around the piazza. The much loved mistletoe chandeliers return in 2018 hanging. A first person perspective london walk tour of covent garden at. The covent garden christmas lights are powering back up for winter on tuesday november 13th and here are all the details you need. One of the most popular tourist spots in london is preparing for a festive transformation with covent garden switching on its christmas lights on november 13. Covent gardens cobbled piazza and market buildings are even more irresistible at this time of year…