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Gardenia Jasminoides August Beauty

We will reopen february 21 2019 for the spring season. To see our weekly specials please like us on. Gardenia Jasminoides August Beauty Cape Jasmine Growers outlet llc.Gardenia jasminoides august beauty. Zones ls cs ts except as noted. September october november. A list of wholesale plants and greenstock available at aspley wholesale nursery. Cape jasmine gardenia jasminoides fragrant 20 seeds. Common gardenia cape jasmine. Native to china taiwan japan. Glossy bright green leaves and. The gardenia is absolutely my favorite flower and montale intense tiare is my favorite perfume. Dwarf jasmine gardenia bush 5 seedsfragrant. The august beauty gardenia or gardenia jasminoides august beauty is a prolific blooming shrub that will produce large elegant sweet smelling flowers and. The autumn is a time when the gardens take on a whole new look. I did not know that there were medicinal benefits to this lovely. Size botanical name common name. The double b…